What to Look For When Choosing a Caravan Site for a Holiday

24 February 2017
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A good caravan site is needed for an enjoyable holiday; you don't want to invest in a nice caravan for yourself and your family, only to park it at a rundown site that doesn't provide all the amenities you need, or that is overly noisy or crowded. When you are choosing a caravan site for your next holiday, note a few details to look for so you know you'll find an enjoyable site that you'll love.

1. Note the overall dimensions of a site

You may be looking at the dimensions of each site only to note if it will fit your caravan, but consider that the larger the individual site, the more room you have away from your neighbours. Finding the smallest sites possible can mean saving the most money, but it can also mean more noise, less privacy, and a more crowded park, since the park will then have more caravans overall. Invest in a park that offers sites with larger and wider dimensions, for a more enjoyable stay.

2. Ask if it's family friendly

Being a family friendly park can be good if you actually have a family, but if you're looking for a place that's very quiet, this might not be the right choice for you. A family friendly park usually means a playground for the kids, and that kids will be in the swimming pool, inside any recreation centre the park offers, and everywhere else. This can be very distracting for a retired couple or anyone who is looking for a spot without the noise and busyness of children constantly being underfoot. Look for a park without facilities for children if you want true peace and quiet.

3. Ask about extended stays

If you're planning a holiday that might last more than a standard week, be sure you ask about extended stay rates. Some parks will offer price breaks for stays that are longer than a week, but may charge you a nightly fee if you don't stay a full two weeks. Doing the math, you might see it's actually cheaper to pay for a full two weeks or a full month, even though you may plan on leaving a few days earlier than that. You might also note the price break for extended visits and decide to prolong your holiday as much as possible. Whatever the choice, don't assume that the nightly rate you see advertised is your only option, but always ask about price breaks after a week, a month, for a seasonal visit, and so on.