Sleeping Like a Baby: 3 Motel Accommodations for a Better Night's Rest

28 March 2017
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Although you might be looking forward to a good night of sleep when on vacation, the new environment and the excitement of going on a new adventure can prevent you from getting any shut eye. To prevent yourself from staying up all night or from tossing and turning without even getting any sleep in, look for these 3 motel accommodations when booking your room.

Blackout Shades to Keep Light Out

It's hard to fall asleep when there's light peering into your motel room. If you're travelling from out-of-the-country, you might be struggling with jet lag and you might fall asleep outside of conventional times. To prevent the sunlight from disturbing your rest, find a motel that provides blackout shades to keep light from outside the room from penetrating inside. Blackout shades are typically made from thick and heavy fabric.

Adjustable Room Temperature for an Ideal Environment

It can be difficult to fall asleep when the room temperature doesn't feel right. When booking a motel, inquire whether each room has its own adjustable thermostats, so that you can alter the room temperature to your liking. In most situations, it's easier to sleep when the room temperature falls between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. If the room temperature falls above or below this range, the quality of your REM sleep might be affected.

Around the Clock Room Service for a Little Night Cap

If you're having difficulties relaxing before bed, you might need a little night cap. A cup of chamomile tea can help you relax, and so can a glass of wine. For the sake convenience, find a motel that can accommodate these needs by providing around the clock room service. You can order whatever you want whenever you want. If possible, take a look at the menu beforehand just to confirm that the motel offers beverages, snacks and foods that cater to your preferences. If you already know that you're going to need a cup of chamomile tea before bed, you can put in a special request when booking a room, and the motel will make sure that they will have the tea available for you during your stay.


A good night of sleep when on vacation can give you the energy that you need to explore a new environment when you finally wake up. Finding a motel that provides all of the accommodations that you need can make a huge difference as to whether you'll get any rest while on vacation.