Sleeping in Heavenly Peace: 3 Hotel Booking Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

28 March 2017
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You'd think that the relaxing environment provided to you when you're on vacation can help you sleep better, but the truth is that most people have difficulty sleeping in hotels. Some of this can be attributed to a phenomena known as the "first night effect", which basically means that one of your brain's hemispheres sleeps less soundly in new environments. This causes you to stay awake or have a poor quality of sleep. To avoid tossing and turning all night, here are 3 tips to follow.

Ask the Hotel About Firmness of Pillows

When sleeping in a different environment, it's difficult for your body to adjust and fall asleep. As a result, try to keep as many factors consistent as possible. This includes the type of pillow that you sleep with. If you're more used to sleeping on firm pillows, ask the hotel to provide you with a firmer pillow when booking a room. If the hotel does not offer different firmness of pillows, consider bringing your pillow from home with you. If your pillow will take up too much room in your suitcase, at least try to bring the pillowcase for its familiar scents. You'll sleep much more soundly with it.

Be Careful When Choosing the Location of the Hotel Room

Choosing a quiet room in the hotel will also help you sleep much more soundly. You want to avoid rooms that are close to the ice machines or the laundry machines and also rooms that are facing busy streets. Ask the hotel whether the rooms are soundproof, and avoid any levels that might be under renovation. If the hotels offer bars, banquet rooms and public spaces accessible to their guests, choose a room that is at least several floors above these areas to get some peace and quiet.

Ask for Two Beds Instead of One If You're Sharing the Room with a Friend

Many people tend to share a room when travelling with a friend in order to cut down on their costs. While sharing a room might be great for bonding, it definitely can interfere with your quality of sleep, especially if you're used to sleeping alone. Avoid sharing a bed even with close friends if you tend to have difficulties falling asleep at night. Instead, ask for a room with two beds, so that you can have your own private space.


Getting a good night's sleep at a hotel can be difficult. You'll need to be careful when booking a room, and you should try to make the room as relaxing and comforting as possible. It might take you a few days to get used to the new environment.