How holiday accommodations are making it easier for travellers to make reservations

24 September 2019
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For any traveller, accommodation is the most important part of planning a successful trip. You'll need a comfortable, inviting and relaxing place to unwind as part of your vacation.

There are many types of holiday accommodations out there, from apartment rentals to full vacation homes. However, travellers often worry about the cost of these places and how they can make a timely reservation. Indeed, the reservation process is usually confusing for many people going on vacation. How much will you need upfront? What's the cancellation policy? What's the best form of payment to use? How can you get discounted rates?

In response to these concerns, holiday homes are making it easier for travellers to make reservations and budget expenses in the process. 

Flexible deposit and rental terms

In the past, many vacation homes would charge high deposits and require commitments well in advance of your travel date. This made it harder for travellers to maintain flexible vacation periods while enjoying a comfortable place to stay. Many holiday homes now offer lower (or zero) deposits. You'll also have an easier time making changes to your reservation within reasonable timeframes.

Through options such as trip insurance, both holiday homes and travellers can protect themselves against the cost of sudden changes in schedule, as opposed to imposing high deposits and rigid rental periods.

Making it easier to finance your trip

Nowadays, you no longer need to have thousands of dollars in savings before taking some time off. Flexible payment terms exist to help individuals, couples and families afford the trip of a lifetime. Not only do you have more time to pay, but you can also access multiple modes of payment.

Credit, debit, electronic checks and bank transfers have all become common modes of payment for vacation homes. These payment methods are also secure, easier to track and convenient to manage.

Simplifying cancellation policies

Even with the best preparation, life happens. You may need to cancel your travel arrangements due to an emergency, inclement weather or other related issues. Holiday accommodations are implementing friendlier cancellation policies for travellers. Some may offer reduced or no cancellation fees, while others may allow you to cancel only a few days to your scheduled trip. With social media and booking apps, holiday management can find new guests to take over a cancelled reservation within a short period.

Package deals that include transportation and meals

Why would you want to worry about meals and transport while on vacation? Many holiday destinations allow you to explore package deals that include all of the above at a competitive cost. You can then select the most suitable deal for you and your family.